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VMware Player,, Java and more

Tuesday, October 25, 2005 | 3 comments

Although I still had quite a cold, today I did a few small things on the computer, mainly installing some software, and trying to get the VMware Player to work with the Browser Appliance virtual machine. I already tried so last Thursday, but since my computer has only 256 M - I am still waiting for a 1 GB memory replacement kit - it couldn't start the virual machine due to lack of sufficient memory.

VMware Player on a low memory machine

Since my new computer has only 256 M memory, and a part is used by the on-board video card, I didn't manage to get the Browser Appliance virtual machine running last Thursday.

A terminal window under Ubuntu running in the free VMware player
A terminal window under Ubuntu running in the free VMware player

Yesterday I read on "Hack a Day" how to create a virtual machine by modifying an existing one. In the how-to it explained how to change the memsize value from "256" to "64", which I did in the Browser-Appliance.vmx file. After double clicking the file the VMware Player started, and I had my first free virtual machine up and running.

VMware Player related

Java and

Recently I downloaded The JDK 5.0 Update 5. Originally I downloaded the version with the NetBeans IDE, because I somehow overlooked the version without NetBeans a bit more down on the same page. Since I am not a fan of Integrated Development Environments, I was not interested NetBeans. Moreover, the download is over twice the size of the version without it.

Since I do freelance Java development now and then I wanted to have the latest version of the Java Development Kit on my new computer. Moreover, has some functionality that requires Java. And since I want to try to use a bit more (I love the PDF export, I hate the user interface), I decided to install the 2.0 version after I installed Java.

Both installed without any problems. I only have to install the Java documentation in the near future. However, I did have problems downloading Java, several times the download stalled, and I had to restart the download again.

Java and related

Windows XP System Restore

In the evening one of my online friends contacted me on MSN Messenger: his computer had severe problems, Explorer.exe didn't want to start anymore. The only way he could start programs was by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc to fire up the Windows Task Manager and selecting "New Task (Run...)" from the File menu. A very cumbersome way to use your computer.

Part of the properties of the System Restore entry in the start menu
Part of the properties of the System Restore entry in the start menu

I recommended him to use System Restore to "go back in time" and see if it would fix his computer. So I gave the link to an excellent article: "Use System Restore to Undo Changes if Problems Occur" at the web site of Microsoft. However, since he had no start menu, how to start the System Restore. I checked my start menu, located System Restore under Accessories -> System Tools, and checked the properties of this start menu entry. I copied the location:


to the conversation window of MSN Messenger. Shortly afterwards he confirmed that did this the trick and that he was "officially very happy!".

System Restore related

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