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Comments: Snakes, scorpions, and tarantulas


Yesterday Esme and I decided to go to El Limón Totalco, for a second time. Last weekend we traveled further down the road, into the state of Puebla, but it took a lot of time, so we had decided to stay closer to the town of Perote this time. El Limón is at the border of a landscape consisting of (pieces of) volcanic rock, covered with yuccas and cactuses.

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Que bonitas fotos yo soy originario del Limon Totalco y me da gusto que personas de otro pais admiren un poco lo hermoso que es desierto. Gracias por las fotos yo en la actualidad vivo en Montreal y me dio mucho gusto ver fotos de mi pueblo.

Posted by Jose Luis Diaz Garcia at 16:39 GMT on 12 November 2005

Very cool. Your "orange colored centipede" is actually a millipede, specifically a polydesmid. They're characterized by a flattened dorsum and lateral flanges, i.e., small "wings" which project laterally from each diplosegment. They're cyanide producers. You might have noticed an almond smell if you handled the animal.

Posted by Craig Goldstein at 23:59 GMT on 18 May 2006

Thanks for the information Craig! I have fixed the error I made. Also, I recently took a picture of what I now know to be a blue Polydesmid millipede, see: Arachnids near Coyolillo - part 3

I didn't handle the orange animal, nor the blue one as shown in the picture on the page given above. I have handled a similar millipede but can't recall the almond smell. I will check next time.

Thanks again for the correction and additional information, it is very welcome.

Posted by John Bokma at 03:06 GMT on 19 May 2006

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