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Installation day: Windows XP Pro and Kubuntu

Monday, September 26, 2005 | 0 comments

Today was the big day: I started the installation of Windows XP Pro and Kubuntu on my new computer, a Compaq Presario SR1505LA. Since I really didn't want to use the Spanish version of Windows XP Home that came with it, I decided to install and English version of XP Professional.

First, I downloaded Kubuntu, which is Ubuntu with KDE instead of Gnome. Ubuntu itself is based on Debian, with which I have some experience. After the download I burned the ISO on a CD, and used the partition manager to remove all partitions. Compaq/HP uses a so called rescue partition of which I already had made a back up. I repartitioned the harddisk, and installed Windows XP Pro first and Kubuntu next.

After the installation of Windows XP Professional I created a limited user account "John". I really don't recommend to use an account with administrator rights all the time, not even as an experienced user. I also continued the tradition I started many years ago: to name my computers after planets that appear in the written works by Jack Vance. Since I recently read part one and two of the Cadwal series I named the system: Cadwal.

Next I installed a few updates recommended by HP at their website:

Somehow the chip set driver is not needed since the Graphics driver does the same job. I kept having two conflicts under System. One took me some time to figure out: I forgot to install the Agere Modem driver (simple communications controller).

Another problem: there was no audio. I downloaded the Realtek driver, which also supports the ALC658C which is the on board audio on the Asus motherboard inside the Presario. Later I discovered that HP does also offer audio drivers on the same web page.

Other software I installed that day for Windows XP: Mozilla Firefox and MSN Messenger.


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