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Comments: Hypnotize: the track list


The date seems to be set: November the 22th, and the official track list of System of a Down's Hypnotize is:

Read the rest of Hypnotize: the track list.


That track list is real... i got it in Soad mailing list mail. Remember those bad quality audio clips that leaked some time ago (i think i deleted them from my computer)... i think few of those songs were there.

And what's with Soldier Side? Will it have like part 2? hmm lets wait and see :P

Oh and do you believe in November 22nd?

Posted by mistressEVIL at 11:29 GMT on 21 September 2005

Nah, those tracks were Mezmerize samples. Only songs I have heard so far are the live versions of Kill Rock 'n' Roll and Holy Mountains.

And yes, Soldier Side is an outro on the second album (it's the intro on the first), or so I've heard.

Regarding the date, we will see. If it goes like with the first album: February the 15th 2006 it will be.

edit: outro (probably) should be read as: completion of the intro.

Posted by John Bokma at 15:58 GMT on 21 September 2005

What the hell happened to 'Hezze'? The instrumental? Did it get renamed?

Posted by Josh at 19:05 GMT on 21 September 2005

No idea, maybe Daron couldn't resist singing?

Posted by John Bokma at 19:40 GMT on 21 September 2005

Because "Hezze" is so atypical of System, the band is considering releasing it differently.

"We haven't figured out how we are going to present that yet, but it's going to come on a separate thing," Malakian said. "I think we might put it on a separate disc."

Posted by Big Red Devil at 11:40 GMT on 29 September 2005

i luv da new album, it is gd. wen i tryed 2 download it all i cud get was the intro version of soldier side. By da way, i got it on 21st of november in download site i use and i saw the album in a shop tht day 2


Posted by SOADFREEEEEEEEK at 21:38 GMT on 21 November 2005

lol SYSTEM ROk and ive got all there demos n shit that they didnt release it rox

Posted by xfg at 11:41 GMT on 22 November 2005

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