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Comments: Google Earth and a vacuum cleaner

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Today I had a long chat, using MSN Messenger, with my brother. He told me he was on a work related trip. I tried to find the rough location of his hotel using his description and Google Earth. He downloaded the free program version as well, so he could give me the coordinates. Somehow it's not easy to exchange coordinates using Google Earth, or maybe I am not aware of an easy method other then typing them over.

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the problem of sharing spots between users of Google Earth (and other similar programs like NASA's World Wind) is the main reason I built EarthSpots.com - a place where users can post, share, comment and browse places of interest on the surface of the earth, including their coordinates and 'Jump To' buttons that instantly open a given earthspot in Google Earth, World Wind, MapQuest, and more. Its a new site, but growing fast. There is also a forum for discussing places and programs, as well as an additional resources section for helping people find / discover their own unique spots on the earth worth sharing.

Check it out!

Posted by cjb at 23:09 GMT on 1 December 2005

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