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Google Earth and a vacuum cleaner

Thursday, September 15, 2005 | 1 comment

Today I had a long chat, using MSN Messenger, with my brother. He told me he was on a work related trip. I tried to find the rough location of his hotel using his description and Google Earth. He downloaded the free program version as well, so he could give me the coordinates. Somehow it's not easy to exchange coordinates using Google Earth, or maybe I am not aware of an easy method other then typing them over.

El Frijol Colorado (center), Google Earth
El Frijol Colorado (center), Google Earth

I explained my brother how to get to the location of El Frijol Colorado, a place we visited last weekend. Thanks to the video upgrade of yesterday zoom in and out was extremely fast. We also looked at other places: Sri Lanka, the part I visted, Paris (Eiffel tower), and New York. Google Earth is a very nice program, recommended.

After the nice chat, Esme and I went to Plaza Crystal to buy a vacuum cleaner. The shopping mall has a shop I call "the expensive shop" since it sells a lot of luxery articles many local people just can buy. I was hoping to find a decent vacuum cleaner in that shop. Luckily they had a model we both liked: LG V-CP943ND. When we came home we both had a go at testing the vacuum cleaner.


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