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Comments: Google's IM service with Trillian Pro


A quick guide on how to connect to talk.google.com using the Trillian Pro messenger and the Jabber plug-in for this messenger.

Read the rest of Google's IM service with Trillian Pro.


You may want to start with a link to where you can download that Jabber plugin. Cause my Trillian doesn't show any Jabber under plugins.

Posted by Els at 09:31 GMT on 24 August 2005

It doesn't seem like the voice chat are operational for google talk under trillian. Is there a way to make voice chat work under trillian?

Posted by Alphar at 15:56 GMT on 30 August 2005

Does the audio talk feature work in trillian pro?

Posted by Freelance at 13:07 GMT on 1 September 2005

The latest version of Trillian Pro comes with the Jabber plugin. You only have to enable it.

Posted by John Bokma at 00:27 GMT on 4 September 2005

has anyone gotten gmail notifications to show up in Trillian?

Posted by Somnus at 00:42 GMT on 5 October 2005

This is the Link you can find the jabber plugin on... Cerulean Studios, Jabber for 3.x

Posted by Billo at 17:29 GMT on 17 December 2005

This really helped, I couldn't be bothered to figure out how to set it all up in trusty Trillian because I'm really lazy and ended up running Google Talk separately.

This saves me some more RAM and it wasn't that hard after all. Thanks!

Posted by davzie at 01:33 GMT on 1 February 2006

I know I'm late getting here, but thank you!

Posted by Jenny at 18:02 GMT on 19 April 2006

So, why is it that Trillian basic works with msn, icq, irc, and aim for free, but when google comes out with a FREE messanger the trillian folks charge you to gain access to it? Violates the whole principle of trillian being the all in one client, and makes them look bad by only dealing with classic chat clients in their basic version.

Posted by Pissedoff at 13:55 GMT on 19 June 2006

Because someone has to pay for the R&D of the new apps and unlike Google, Trillian doesn't have the pockets to eat the cost. I don't mind paying $25 for an IM client that links all five of the other resource hogging apps I used to have to run!

Posted by Webby at 20:48 GMT on 3 July 2006

I installed the Jabber plugin but it is not recognizing it.

Posted by Samineru at 00:43 GMT on 9 October 2006

It worked smooth... for those behind a firewall use the http address : mg-in-f125.google.com with port 80 instead of talk.google.com : 5222

Posted by io at 08:54 GMT on 1 February 2007

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