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Comments: Close up photos of a scorpion and its exuviae


Today, at the end of the day we went out to buy a set of plastic boxes, sand and other stuff, so I could give one of my scorpions a bigger enclosure. I had moved it out of its terrarium made of glass because I needed a place for the tarantula spider I captured yesterday.

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just so you know Exuviae is not a word, it is Exuvia for one and Exuvium for pl.

nice shots!!

Posted by Buglady at 16:24 GMT on 28 July 2005

sorry hit post to soon... ugg hate that.

anyhow with the spelling i spent a lot of time looking this up because i was confused and all my entomology text spell it Exuvia.

now on the net i have found it with an "e" on the end but i tend to go with the printed books.

Good luck!

Posted by Buglady at 16:28 GMT on 28 July 2005

I have a paper on Centruroides gracilis that also spells it as exuvia, and I originally used that spelling. After checking with Google and other sources I decided to use exuviae instead.

Thanks for the compliment on the pictures, I really hope to have a better camera soon.

Posted by John Bokma at 00:42 GMT on 29 July 2005

Few days ago I checked with Wikipedia this time, and decide to go with their defintion: exuvia (plural: exuviae).

Posted by John Bokma at 23:19 GMT on 5 November 2007

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