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Comments: Scorpion and snake hunting near Buenavista


Today we went to Buenavista, a small village close to Cardel (Veracruz). It is the home town of Joselin, a classmate of Esme, and he had told us that scorpions are abundant there. He also warned us to be careful, because according to him, snakes live under the mango trees.

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No snakes? What are the dangerous snakes to watch out for in the Xalapa area? Did you ever find out the name of that tree? Is it the same genus as the one you saw in Sri Lanka? You seem to be quite well-travelled, John. BTW "Esme her mother" should be the possessive "Esme's mother."

Posted by David in Canada at 15:03 GMT on 17 August 2005

Hi David,

I guess most dangerous snakes are hidden most of the time. I have no idea which ones can be found in the Xalapa area, but I do know that the Mexican Milksnake is killed now and then because it looks very similar to the coral snake. The difference is easy to remember though: the coral snake has red and yellow next to each other (connected).

Someone did give me a name for the tree, and the common name seems to be temple tree. I had somehow Buddha in my head, so maybe I did saw the temple tree in Sri Lanka.

And thanks for the correction, changed it.

Posted by John Bokma at 00:27 GMT on 4 September 2005

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