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Sleeping Murder - Agatha Christie

Monday, June 20, 2005 | 0 comments

Tonight I couldn't sleep so I finished "Sleeping Murder" by Agatha Christie. The book is one of the two books that Agatha wanted to have published posthumous, and is also Miss Marple's Last Case. Since I also read the other book she wanted to have published after her dead: Curtain, about Poirot's last case, I was afraid that Miss Marple would die too.

I got into Agatha Christie because the second hand book store I visit a lot here in Xalapa, had at one time a lot of books written by her. I bought all they had because English books are hard to get here, and I love to read.

Before I read Sleeping Murder, I read Postern of Fate, another Christy, but Sleeping Murder is, in my opinion, much better. Less slow, and more a don't put down until finished book. As with most books written by Christy one keeps guessing who did it. With Sleeping Murder it gets slowly obvious who is the culprit, but then Agatha throws in some more confusion.

In short, and excellent written book, one of my favorites she has written. Oh, and does Miss Marple die? Read the book.

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