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First instar scorpion pictures

Friday, June 3, 2005 | 0 comments

The little scorpion that fell of the back of the mother still seems to do fine. I tried to make a few macro pictures with my digital camera of the recently born scorpion. Since it hasn't molted yet (as far as I know) it's called a first instar.

First instar (Centruroides flavopictus)
First instar (Centruroides flavopictus)

Since I discovered "Romy" the scorpion having scorplings (babies) last Monday I am not sure about the age of the scorpling. I remember I saw the scorpion a week ago, walking around, and didn't see any babies. So the little one in the above picture is probably less then a week old.

First instar (Centruroides flavopictus)
First instar (Centruroides flavopictus)

I like the coloring of the legs of the scorpion a lot. The body length from head to the start of the tail is about 5 mm.

Since scorpions stay with the mother until their first molt it's unlikely that this scorpion baby survives without its mother.

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