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Scorpion 'Romy' has babies

Monday, May 30, 2005 | 0 comments

Just before I went to bed I checked on "Romy", one of the scorpions (Centruroides flavopictus) I keep. I hadn't seen her since Friday, and normally she is the least shy one of the scorpions I keep as pets.

Romy's terrarium, but where is the scorpion...
Romy's terrarium, but where is the scorpion...

So I lifted the big rock she normally hides under, and then ...

I asked Esme to come and have a look too, and bring a flash light. And what I already had seen become even more clear with the addition of some light: the scorpion was covered with scorplings, babies. We started to count, and it looks like Romy has 8 or even 9 little ones. It's a bit hard to get an exact figure since the scorplings are even on top of each other. So when I found this scorpion, the 27th of January, she was already pregnant.

I tried to make a few pictures of the mom with her newborns, but this was not an easy task. So for now the best out of a few, and I try to make better ones tomorrow.

Centruroides flavopictus "Romy" with scorplings
Centruroides flavopictus "Romy" with scorplings

I also checked the scorplings under UV light, and indeed, the young ones don't glow yet either because their cuticle (exoskeleton) hasn't hardened or tanned.

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