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Comments: The scorpion has a name: Centruroides gracilis


Today I got a reply to the email I sent to Dr. Rolando Teruel. He identified the scorpion Esme found last Sunday as Centruroides gracilis. It is known as the Slender brown scorpion in the United States. Other names include Florida Bark Scorpion, and Brown Bark Scorpion.

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Are Bark Scorpions found in Homosassa, Florida? Can they kill a 13 year old child? I currently have two scorpions (Pandinus imperator). Are Bark scorpions illegal to have?

Posted by Ryan Olszta at 14:11 GMT on 22 July 2005

Hi Ryan,

The place for those questions is Arachnoboards - Scorpions, an Internet forum on scorpions. The people there are very friendly and helpful.

Hope this helps,


Posted by John Bokma at 15:56 GMT on 22 July 2005

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