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Mezmerize is leaking

Tuesday, May 3, 2005 | 0 comments

Again a System of a Down album is leaking before it's officially out. Rumours have it that the tracks are an unmastered version of Mezmerize. The record industry is probably going to use this as another example of how people steal albums and that P2P file sharing using bit torrent etc. should be outlawed.

But I think that this spreading like wildfire is excellent free advertising for System of a Down, and their new CD album Mezmerize. Moreover, I have the idea that Mezmerize will do better than System of a Down's previous albums Self titled, Toxicity, and - what's in a name - Steal this album! The latter refers to the leaking of an early unmastered version as Toxicity II on the Internet.

Anyway, maybe P2P file sharing will contribute to this in a part the music industry is never willing to admit.

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