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Mezmerize track samples leaked

Thursday, April 28, 2005 | 1 comment

Today I listened to leaked track samples of Mezmerize, the upcoming System of a Down album. Samples for Cigaro and B.Y.O.B. were not included, probably since most people interested in SoaD have heard those by now, or even seen the video in case of the latter. Each leaked sample is 31 seconds. The full track time is given after each song title.

Soldier Side - Intro (1:04)

Hard to say anything of the first 31 seconds of a 1:04 song. Serj and Daron sing "All grow up to die, there is no one here but me" together, while a guitar plays.

Revenga (3:48)

"My sweet revenge will be your for the taking, into the making, baby". This song sounds a lot like a Steal this Album! song with a twist from their first album.

Radio / Video (4:09)

In this sample Daron and Serj sing in turn and then more mixed, which sounds quite nice, although I consider Daron's voice less pleasant to listen to. "They take me away from the strangest place..."

This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song (2:08)

Quite a noisy song, not really something I am going to like, I am afraid. On the other hand, it's quite hard to say something about a song based on a 31 second sample.

Violent Pornography (3:31)

To me, another noisy song, and I am probably not going to like this one either.

Question! (3:21)

I already read in a preview that this song is similar to "Aerials". I think I will like the full version a lot. "Do we, do we know, when we fly, when we, when we go, do we die."

Sad Statue (3:26)

"You and me will all go down in history, with a sad statue of liberty". Another song I am surely going to like. I like the slow sung part a lot.

Old School Hollywood (2:57)

A song with robot voices and a kind of R2D2 sound effect. I like the guitar playing, but Daron really should stop singing.

Lost In Hollywood (5:21)

Another song that sounds very promising to me, it starts slow, but sounds like it's going faster, or so I guess based on the 31 second sample. "Say you're the best they've ever seen, you should've never trust in Hollywood"


It's very hard to say something definite about Mezmerize based on such short track samples, but my best guess is that I will like about half of the songs, which is quite similar to how I like Toxicity. I like even less songs of their first album, but to me that album still has their best songs. I doubt I am going to change my mind after I've heard Mezmerize, but who knows what Hypnotize is going to bring.

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