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Security webcam hunting with Google

Sunday, January 9, 2005 | 3 comments

With a few very simple search actions in Google you can find many online surveillance cameras around the world that can be viewed without access restrictions using your web browser.

The software of several security cams uses a certain pattern in the address (URL). Using the Google search operator inurl: you can search for those patterns.

URL Patterns used by webcam software

The second pattern only gives links to software that uses the Refresh method. The Motion method uses motion-JPEG which doesn't work with some browsers. You can also try to just replace Motion with Refresh (note the capital R). Also, with the results of the first two, if they have a cam, you can change the language to English by changing the value of Language to zero. If there is no Language in the URL, just add &Language=0 to it, so it looks like: http://example.invalid/ViewerFrame?Mode=Refresh&Language=0. Some language codes are:

Another way to find cameras is by searching for (a part of) the title of the web page that shows the cam feed using the operator intitle: or allintitle:.

Title patterns used by webcam software

Note that if the title contains a space you have to put the text between "" after the intitle: operator.

You can combine both search operators, for example: intitle:"Network Camera" inurl:ViewerFrame. It is also possible to limit your search to certain countries, e.g. intitle:"live view" intitle:axis site:nl.

Finally, you can record a webcam using Bulent's screen recorder, see Capturing MSN Messenger webcam for more information.

Happy security cam hunting!

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