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Comments: LG CD-Rewriter and DVD-ROM combo

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Today we went out to buy a CD-rewriter/DVD reader combo. I had already been looking around for prices since I want to buy a computer in the near future, so I knew a combo would be around 650 pesos. The first shop had one on sale for almost one thousand pesos. Way to expensive, and also a brand I want to stay away from as far as possible: Samsung. You see Samsung a lot in Mexico, and I have somehow the impression that all low quality Samsung goods are shipped to Mexico. Maybe I am wrong, maybe not.

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hellow i m nayan

i faced a problem that my combo's lens had lose its allignment and i m computer engg so u know the work of mine so if its is repalaceable tha replace it i thig ur reply give me the great relax

so thanks nayan limbachiya

Posted by nayan at 06:53 GMT on 26 December 2005

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