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LG CD-Rewriter and DVD-ROM combo

Saturday, January 8, 2005 | 1 comment

Today we went out to buy a CD-rewriter/DVD reader combo. I had already been looking around for prices since I want to buy a computer in the near future, so I knew a combo would be around 650 pesos. The first shop had one on sale for almost one thousand pesos. Way to expensive, and also a brand I want to stay away from as far as possible: Samsung. You see Samsung a lot in Mexico, and I have somehow the impression that all low quality Samsung goods are shipped to Mexico. Maybe I am wrong, maybe not.

Esme knew a good shop and hence we took a mini-bus since it was quite a walk otherwise. At the shop they had the LG GCC-4521B combo (boxed), which I bought. We also bought a headset and a USB extension cable. The latter so I can use the Casio LV-10 to show people on MSN Messenger the view outside and the more bright parts of our house. When used as a webcam, the Casio needs quite a lot of light.

LG GCC-4521B CD-Rewriter & DVD-ROM reader
LG GCC-4521B CD-Rewriter & DVD-ROM reader

Also, Esme needed some clothes for her presentation on Monday. So I saw quite a lot of shops that day. Around 5PM we both were very hungry and decided to have an early dinner at "La Sopa".

When we came back I put the combo into the computer. Since it already had all software installed, it worked "out of the box". Then we watched "Anything Else", a movie directed by Woody Allen which. The latter is obvious when you try to follow the almost manic conversations in some parts of the movie. The movie was quite ok, and I especially liked how the "shrink"-patient relation was pictured. The latter expecting answers to all his problems.

After the first movie we went to Chedraui to buy some groceries, and also a bottle of rompope (Mexican Eggnog), a drink we both like.

When back, we settled to watch the second movie: "King Arthur (the director's cut)". The tale is very different from for example "The Once and Future King" by T.H. White, which I read when I was about 19. I liked this movie a lot.

One thing I noticed when we were watching the DVDs is that the LG combo is very quiet.

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