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Blue: out of the blue

Thursday, January 6, 2005 | 0 comments

Today I had an extremely bad day. It felt like a day taken from a major depression, but "officially" you can only call yourself depressed if you feel bad for at least 2 weeks. Anyway, I felt bad, couldn't concentrate, my speech was slow, and I felt like I was drugged. I have no idea of its cause. I did a lot of work yesterday, and also a lot of writing for my blog, MexIT, and maybe it was just too much.

Somehow, I am still recovering from the very long (about 4 years) depression I have had. And only a few weeks ago I had a small depression, most likely caused by the upcoming Christmas in combination with the fact that I haven't had contact with my children Jim and Laurinda for almost 2 years.

Also today

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