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Comments: Digital camera: Casio LV-10 review


December the 17th, 2004, I bought the digital camera I had seen 2 days earlier at a shop that belongs to the Chedraui chain. The price was extremely low, 249 pesos (about 22 USD) so I didn't expect much of this camera. The digital camera I already own, a Philips ESP60, was bought back in 1998 (and about 19 times more expensive). So I was really curious how those two would compare, since they have the same maximal number of horizontal and vertical pixels: 640 x 480.

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Se me perdio mi disco de software. Casi de recien comprada la camara; y la memoria esta llena . Que puedo hacer para descargarla?

Posted by desesperado at 21:07 GMT on 5 August 2005

Sir my Casio LV-10 image is very poor pls send information about this comment

Posted by Imran at 16:58 GMT on 30 August 2005

Hi Imran,

My experience is the same. The Casio seems to work best outdoors, on a day with not too much sunshine. It's a very cheap camera, and hence it takes quite some effort to get a not so bad picture out of it.

Posted by John Bokma at 02:15 GMT on 4 September 2005

even though i installed and took photos in my LV-10 i cannot see it clearly

Posted by NAVEEN at 13:25 GMT on 17 January 2007

no tengo el cable USB de la camara alguien me puede decir donde encontrarlo es muy dificil

Posted by maria at 15:16 GMT on 4 December 2009

how i can download casio lv10 for win7

Posted by Anonymous at 18:06 GMT on 3 December 2011

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