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Comments: Ringneck snake picture


Today we cleaned "Tina's house", the terrarium I used for Tina the scorpion. The scorpion died a few months ago, and Esme and I had decided that its now empty enclosure resembles close the habitat of the ringneck snake (Diadophis punctatus ssp) we found yesterday on the sidewalk.

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My son and I found one yesterday, have it in a terrarium, gave it a small earthworm, don't know yet if it will eat it. If we can't confirm it eating this next week, will let it go.

Posted by Brent at 02:35 GMT on 15 September 2006

Hi Brent,

The juvenile in the picture died, sadly. Later we got another ringneck snake, but we didn't see it eating anything. We put earthworms with it, and only once or so I saw that one had been bitten in two, but we had no idea if the snake had indeed eaten anything.

After some time we decided to release it were it was found.

Posted by John Bokma at 04:37 GMT on 15 September 2006

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