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Comments: Changing User Agent in Firefox


Someone visited both Els her web site and mine with a funny User Agent string. I used Google to find out how to change this string within Mozilla Firefox and found the answer on a Mac OS X forum. The posting described a method of changing the string in Firebird, the old name of FireFox. The name Firebird was dropped by Mozilla, because there is also a database with this name.

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He he thanks man , it looks cool . I checked my reffers page and it do work :) . !

Posted by Sreejith at 04:08 GMT on 26 June 2005

This doesn't seem to work for all sites any more. e.g. I can access some pay magazines and newspapers but I can't seem to trick IGN Insider or similar.

Is there a workaround for this too?

Posted by Garrett at 06:04 GMT on 6 September 2005

There's an easier way to do this: try the "User Agent Switcher" firefox extension, it can manage multiple user-agent strings, and is far more easy to use, thanks to the menu and toolbar items.

follow one of these links

User Agent Switcher Extension or User Agent Switcher

Posted by bandi at 17:59 GMT on 11 January 2006

Great tip, but not all sites that redirect Google are being naughty. I've seen plenty of pages that generate most of their links using JavaScript. They really need to redirect Google to a more straight forward page of links otherwise the site won't be indexed properly.

Posted by Jon at 13:45 GMT on 25 July 2006

I like this. Thanks very much. A great promotion technique for our business.

Posted by Matt at 17:02 GMT on 17 October 2006

I was thrilled with this, till I realized that Hotmail won't let you send mail unless it recognizes the user agent. Pain in the ass.

Posted by Red E. Kilowatt at 04:13 GMT on 18 October 2006

For any one that wants to use banking sites in a secure browser, and not IE like they all want Firefox to this a great.

Thanks for this useful tip.

Posted by Venus at 15:02 GMT on 8 January 2007

i changed that user agent but now its screwing up some of the javascripts on our do you delete the user agent override?

Posted by johne at 20:22 GMT on 14 June 2007

Dear all


I'm working on Cloaking in search engines but I do not how to change user agent HTTP header because I want to be a crawler. Would you please help me to understand how to do that?

Posted by Shokoofeh at 06:45 GMT on 21 July 2011

Hey, thanks for your advice. You're an effing genius and a good citizen. This worked like a charm and now I can run around my wireless provider's internet block. I already pay them enough money as it is.

Posted by Chris at 10:25 GMT on 18 December 2011

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