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Comments: Exotic Fruits, Granada China and Feijoa


I like the Granada China a lot. At least that is what it is called here, in Mexico. It tastes a bit like passion fruit, although it is a bit sweater, and bigger.

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where is the granaa fruits i wish tjat wehave that.

Posted by spy at 04:36 GMT on 22 June 2005

If you mean the Granada China, I discovered later that my taste buds were right, it doesn't taste a bit like passion fruit, Granada China is a passion fruit species.

The ones I buy here might be Passiflora ligularis, see Passiflora ligularis fruit for more information. The ones I buy here, in Xalapa, are more egg shaped.

In the UK it's sold as Golden Passion Fruit or Granadilla.

Posted by John Bokma at 20:45 GMT on 28 June 2005

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