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Comments: Stung by a scorpion


Today, after I had caught the scorpion that had stung Esme in our house, she muttered to the animal that it was not nice stinging her, because her star sign is Scorpio. We both where amazed at having such an animal in our house.

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Thank you for the information. It was very helpful for the background knowledge in planning my lesson. Now, when my students have questions about scorpions, I have answers.


Posted by Cindy at 04:58 GMT on 28 June 2006

I was just stung by a scorpion yesterday (I was studying in the library - teaches me for studying on a saturday!) I would like to add some other symptoms that I have been having, since I have not found these symptoms online and the doctors at the ER I visited last night said that I was fine. A couple of hours after the sting, I felt a little dizzy and I had the feeling of being drunk in that I could not control my eye movements and I was a little tired. I developed tingly sensations in my appendages and my nose and ears; they are like pins and needles like when your arm or leg falls asleep. The doctors assured me that I was fine and I guess I just have to wait this out until it goes away.

Posted by Larissa at 22:37 GMT on 25 March 2007

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