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Mixtec day glyphs

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The following Mixtec display pictures I made for MSN Messenger, are available for personal use only. Please don't distribute those display pictures nor link to them on your own site without contacting me. If you put any of the Mixtec display pictures on your site without my permission, I contact your hosting provider. This might result in your entire site being deleted.

The pictures can also be used with Skype, which uses the same format as MSN Messenger.

I am working on converting 20 day glyphs (Mixtec) used in some native American calendars to MSN Messenger display pictures. The 20 day names are explained on a page written by John P. Pratt. However, I sometimes use an alternative name. The display pictures where made by manually tracing the glyphs found on the Mixtec page, with Xara. This process turns each glyph into a vector image, which can be scaled without quality loss.

Mixtec links

Move the mouse pointer on top of a picture and save the image to your computer by selecting the "Save Picture As..." menu entry after pressing the right mouse button.

Mixtec display pictures drawn using Xara

crocodile day glyph
wind day glyph
house day glyph
lizard day glyph

If you like the above pictures, please link to this page, not the pictures. The more visitors I get, the more willing I am to make more display pictures for MSN Messenger.

All display pictures were drawn using Xara.

More display pictures and emoticons

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