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Comments: Make your own display pictures


Ever wanted to create your own display pictures for MSN Messenger? This tutorial describes how you can turn a (part of) a photo, a drawing, etc. into your own personal display picture to show off to your friends. In order to start turning your picture into a display picture you first need to download a program that makes it possible to edit an exisiting picture, and cut out a square (crop) of an existing picture. A program I use a lot for doing things like this is called IrfanView, which is free for personal use and is quite easy to download and install.

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Your cat, Vito, is so beautiful. =)

Nice site and pictures. Good work! =D

Posted by Vicky at 14:59 GMT on 10 July 2005

this site is cool and i love it

Posted by sarah at 14:11 GMT on 31 July 2005

can any1 tell me how and where i can create my own moving msn display picture, i have msn messenger v. 7.5

Posted by 20p (modathir) at 17:56 GMT on 14 August 2005

Does anyone know the location of the directory where msn messenger 7 saves contact display pictures?

Posted by asia_minor at 17:59 GMT on 7 September 2005

Open a folder and enter into the Address line:

%appdata%\Microsoft\MSN Messenger

You see folder(s) that have a number as name. Look if there is a UserTile folder inside. If so, it might contains files with names starting with TFR and having a dat extension.

If you drag a file on IrfanView and it can handle it, it will show a message asking if you want to rename the file. Select No. If it's the display picture you want to use you can copy it and rename it. Or, maybe better, copy all files first, and then rename the files.

Emoticons are stored in the folder CustomEmoticons.

Posted by John Bokma at 17:58 GMT on 9 September 2005

Yeah i'd also like to know how can i have moving msn displays (i've got msn 7.5) i think :D


Posted by at 18:10 GMT on 21 September 2005

Thanks John Bokma

Posted by ayousha at 18:28 GMT on 27 September 2005

really kl website and easy to use, i lyk the fact that you can read hings bout wat otha pplz say bout da site !.x.x.x.! !.x.x.x.!

Posted by Sexy ***** at 09:20 GMT on 25 October 2005

i really really love this site its awsome

Posted by nika at 00:03 GMT on 23 November 2005

hiya i avent really looked at the site so i hope its gud l8az x x x

Posted by .x.sarah.x. at 18:42 GMT on 29 November 2005

very interesting website, the information provided is very helpful in regards to customizing msn messenger. i was initially here searching on how to make an animated display pic, but without having any success i tried to use an animated .gif image file to see if it would allow this much fun to be had, and just as i figured,- it wouldn't!! so now i ask if anyone might know of such a way to make your personal display an animated image? i almost want to purchase their stupid "meedisplays" and other "meecontent" to find out if there are any user files that might reveal how to customize this option for yourself. anyhow thats all i wanted to ask. thanx again for the info. -tmt-

Posted by superspeedfreek at 11:05 GMT on 25 January 2006

As far as I know, animated display pictures can not be made by users because they have to be signed. Technically there might be a work around, but I don't have any information on this at the moment.

Posted by John Bokma at 01:39 GMT on 3 February 2006

love it love it love it LOVE IT

Posted by Megzie at 01:38 GMT on 2 April 2006

Yes, there MUST be a workaround .. unfortunately nobody seems to have discovered it yet ... darn it .. I really wanted to make my own animated displays =[

Posted by Andre at 19:18 GMT on 9 June 2006

ur web is brill i really enjoy it ifink its cool n keep up add mor msn pix if u can plz love


Posted by BILLYBOBS at 16:46 GMT on 30 June 2006

can any one teel the animated display picture of 8.0 of msn

Posted by kashan at 15:22 GMT on 2 July 2006

how do u get the "make ur own messenger" 2 change the backround theam?

Posted by tash at 21:52 GMT on 8 July 2006

I also would like to know very much if there is any way to make your own animated msn display pictures. If anyone has any information for me you can leave a comment on this page. Thanks -

Posted by zombiemoses at 00:48 GMT on 9 September 2006

i love you the designer

Posted by katie at 20:36 GMT on 20 October 2006

hey i think i found a way to make an animation display picture all u need is paint shop pro 11 from corel u can easly get a working crack so u can acces all the stuf then u need a file called Microsoft GIF Animator u can just google this.

then u open a picture u run paint shop pro and open the pic u want then u copyy and past it 3 times then u choose the magic wand this is a tool on the side bar and u select the areas u wanna glitter in ur pic the u go to adjust then add/remove noise and choose add noise this is on the toolbar at the top. then choose monochrome and gaussine and u can experiment with the noise amount because i use it at 70 others use it at 20 and it has different affects.

then u open the tubes option on the left hand toolbar and chosse a picture that u want as the sparkles, u then put 2 in the area u want to glitter(2 in different positions in every picture so they look like the glitter area is shiny)

then u save all 3 pictures as .gif so u can animate them.

now close psp and open the animation program i mentioned above open all 3 pictures and arange them in any order u like. then click on the animation tab and choose looping and repeat for ever then click on the image tab and set the duration of each picture to anything between 15-25 other wise it would b too fast or too slow, now u click the little "|>" on the top of the program to c ur animation if u like it save it and then apply it as ur display picture in msn if u dont like it change some stuff until u do like it. THIS SHOULD WORK WITH YOU AS IT HAS WORKED WITH ME AND SEVERAL OTHERS.

Posted by Macoop at 06:23 GMT on 28 October 2006

i think this site is cool its just that i want a new display picture it would make this site better if right away u would get your own display pictures. but in other words this site is the bomb to me maybe to others its not but to me it is fantastic am lovin it.

this from ur girl kanilsha hope u understand the little things that this website needs and people will go to it more . you all should put more information like how to create an display picture and much more and if you do that this site will be even more i said i am lovin this site baby.!!!!!

Posted by kanilsha at 23:43 GMT on 1 December 2006

the dislplay pics r so cool i av lods of dem

Posted by shanie at 15:59 GMT on 22 January 2007

the best animator ive found for making msn pictures is ulead GIF animator 5, really simple 2 use programme. once uve finished ure image save it as a .gif file an then load it up from ure computer as u wud a still image

Posted by Dave at 18:52 GMT on 9 February 2007

Can you write on it too? Like could you put writing on the picture you have crooped in different styles, colours etc.? Please email me and back and pretty cat =] xxxx

Posted by Bride of Destruction at 18:30 GMT on 15 February 2007

i fink ya shud b able 2 make ya own backround for free to go on ya msn

Posted by tayla at 17:05 GMT on 26 February 2007

I used the program called MS GIF Animator and i created 3 frames with different pictures in each frame hence creating an animated gif. I saved it and put it as my display pic in messenger live but its not animated, only the first frame is shown :( Any ideas?

Posted by Anonymous at 12:01 GMT on 3 March 2007

this website is the best but i cant see how to make or create my own msn so i woulod like you to help me do that if you have inove time tia


Posted by tia at 18:01 GMT on 3 March 2007

i love this syt its totally awsum man

Posted by Chukii_Dukii at 06:23 GMT on 26 March 2007

That's true - you can't put animated .gif files in as animations in MSN Messenger Live - i think they disabled the ability to show more than one frame - does anyone know how to disable this?

Posted by zenith_bd at 03:56 GMT on 9 October 2007

Nice site.... but I did not find what I was looking for. I too was looking for a way to make animated display pictures.

Little remark.... Why use a bootleg psp when there are programs like the Gimp around. With it you do not even need extra tools to animate gifs. Sure it has a learning curve.... but don't all programs?

Posted by Peter at 21:46 GMT on 20 October 2007

An Animated display pictures, or Dynamic Display Pictures (DDP) as Microsoft calls them, are made with Flash and need to be digitally signed to be able to work with MSN Live Messenger:

[quote] Due to security concerns, Dynamic Display Pictures can only be purchased from official Microsoft content partners... [/quote]

Source: Creating And Adding Dynamic Display Pictures (DDP) to Windows Live Agents

Posted by John Bokma at 16:48 GMT on 31 October 2007

MSN never allowed animated GIF avatars 'till the arrival of Windows Live 9.5 in 2011. Update your Windows Live Software to 9.5, go on it, add the intended animated GIF, and it should work!

Posted by Anonymous at 04:55 GMT on 11 February 2012

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