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Comments: Display pictures for MSN Messenger


The following display pictures I made for MSN Messenger are available for personal use only. Please don't distribute those display pictures nor link to them on your own site without contacting me. If you put any of the display pictures on your site without my permission, I contact your hosting provider. This might result in your entire site being deleted.

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I like your emotes. but in msn messenger 7, is it possible to have the picture displayed larger?

Posted by Joe at 12:06 GMT on 20 June 2005

Hi I was wondering how to use your display pictures on msn messenger?

Posted by Rach at 03:10 GMT on 23 June 2005

Hi Joe,

Not that I know, display pictures seem to be limited to 96 by 96 pixels

Posted by John Bokma at 04:16 GMT on 23 June 2005

Hi Rach,

Just today I wrote a tutorial on how to make your own display pictures and the second part explains how to add a picture to MSN Messenger: Make your own display pictures

You can save the display pictures I made via the context menu of the browser (middle mouse button, Save Image As...)

Posted by John Bokma at 04:21 GMT on 23 June 2005

I've hardly ever found the display pictures and other stuff of such high quality as of urz!

Posted by Amina at 17:11 GMT on 15 July 2005

i dont no how 2 make a display pix

Posted by Ashley at 03:12 GMT on 16 July 2005

Joe, U need to add more Pix.!!

Posted by Annie at 19:32 GMT on 14 August 2005

this is a wicked site!!! thanx for all the info on how to ge handwriting n stuff, n some of the things uv created are really cool! keep it up :D

Posted by mel at 10:05 GMT on 2 October 2005

i really like ur pics when i put them on my msn all my friends liked them and i had them come on this and now they are always saying how much they like then

thank u

Posted by daddysprincess at 06:11 GMT on 8 December 2005

i love them! can u amke one for msn that says "i love harlie" or i (heart) harlie" PLEASE thank u

Posted by em at 08:54 GMT on 25 May 2006

What format to DPs have to be saved in?

Posted by Tree Hugger at 12:23 GMT on 3 June 2006

i was wondering how to get a slideshow to work on MSN. I have the folder and everything, but the pictures won't work in a slide show, only individually.

Posted by Megz at 20:30 GMT on 7 June 2006

@Tree Hugger - PNG, JPEG, and GIF are supported, and probably some others (BMP). The image is 96 x 96 pixels when displayed, so it's the best to scale it yourself to 96 by 96 pixels, since then you have more control over the end result.

Posted by John Bokma at 03:57 GMT on 14 June 2006

this is cool and i lve shawn whitehead he is a hottie and sexy

Posted by feb at 17:30 GMT on 27 June 2006

how do you make a slideshow for the msn?

Posted by luke at 15:45 GMT on 26 July 2006

hey where do u get the display pic slide show from? thx =)

Posted by =) at 12:14 GMT on 20 August 2006

who do i make my display pictures larger

Posted by gingercurwen at 21:45 GMT on 24 August 2006

where are the pictures i use in msn located on my pc?

Thanksss Peter

Posted by peter at 12:00 GMT on 28 August 2006

i have installed the latest messenger [live] and i cannot see other ppl's display pics anymore. how do i change the settings so i can view them?

Posted by josh at 12:51 GMT on 11 September 2006

these are terrific and i have been looking for pictures that are different. Can you send any ideas in for new pictures?

Thanks Deb

Posted by debb at 12:29 GMT on 18 September 2006

Hi.. Can anyone tell me how to change my display picture in MSN messenger to slideshow images..

Posted by Yasmin at 08:52 GMT on 20 September 2006

Hi! I see some persons have problems viewing the pictures of other contacts in their list. To view them click on the right side on the two green arrows(one pointing up, and the other pointing down) After you've clicked on it, choose "Show details". Now you see al the pictures!

Posted by Jelle at 14:36 GMT on 21 September 2006

hey i just installed msn live i cant see other peoples display pictures.. unless i turn off zone labs.. can someone OUT there help thanks

Posted by bob at 12:18 GMT on 1 November 2006

I can not view other peoples display pictures and they can not view mine! Is there anything i can do to help this?

Posted by Jodie at 11:24 GMT on 25 November 2006

how do you change your msn display name?

Posted by luke at 12:20 GMT on 25 November 2006

Hey .. I really want a slide show for my display pic on msn .. I can't figure it out!!! Can u pls help & tell me how 2 do it?? Thanks ....

Posted by Carmen at 00:34 GMT on 13 December 2006

Hi! I can see that many allready asked how to have a slide show for their display picture on msn, either I don't understand where the answers are posted? Or I just ask the same thing and wait for a respons! Thank you!

Posted by LokÔ at 23:20 GMT on 11 January 2007

Hey Bob and Jodie, has anyone got back to you about your problem because i seem to be having the same thing happening to me

Posted by mandymoo at 10:03 GMT on 17 January 2007

hey yea there is a way but it was with the old msn i used to have it

Posted by Anonymous at 17:06 GMT on 20 January 2007

hi there.i have prob with my dp picture i can't change it and when borwse to add a pic i add it then when i press ok it doesn't appear in my display picture i hope u will help with this

Posted by Burimi at 16:03 GMT on 26 January 2007

hi how do you do a slide show of your pictures on msn plz

Posted by taz at 20:24 GMT on 27 January 2007

y cant i put a display pic in my msn live messenger? it doesn't hv a "change display picture" button at the tools... how can i put a display picture? pls help mii... THX :)

Posted by cindy at 09:47 GMT on 29 January 2007

PLEASE make a really cute display pic that says I LOVE U SOO MUCH JORDAN!!! UR SO HOTT!

Posted by Amber at 22:45 GMT on 29 January 2007

i can not view display pictures but my settings say i can! can someone tell me why i can not c them


Posted by Sammie at 19:54 GMT on 3 February 2007

i cant see peoples display pictures

Posted by nick at 08:20 GMT on 20 February 2007

Reply to Joe

You can increase the size of your own display picture by installing msn plus and then there's this tool from the plus site for large display pictures.

Posted by K at 10:32 GMT on 26 April 2007

thanks it was cool and all my friends liked it


Posted by Anonymous at 06:52 GMT on 28 April 2007

Out of all the people that I talk to on msn, I can only see about 1/3 of those people's display pictures... the people who's displays I can't see, I instead see the default MSN logo thing.

Posted by Matt at 23:09 GMT on 30 April 2007

Can you please tell me if my contacts can see my display picture if I "appear offline" on msn messenger? Can my contacts see when I sign in even though I am set or default to "appear offline"?

Thank You

Posted by Fai at 14:23 GMT on 5 May 2007

brilliant i love mine smiley say cheese

Posted by jamal at 15:44 GMT on 25 April 2008

To get a better look at peoples display pic (pretty crude but works) windows has a built in "Magnifier" makes everything bigger

Posted by abbazabba at 02:35 GMT on 11 December 2010

Hi. I'm unable tO see the display pictures of my contacts. Especially those I interacrt the most. I need some help

Posted by Sneha at 10:23 GMT on 3 January 2011

brilliant i loCan you please tell me if my contacts can see my display picture if I "appear offline" on msn messenger? Can my contacts see when I sign in even though I am set or default to "appear offline"? Thank Youve mine smiley say cheese

Posted by fari at 18:42 GMT on 6 January 2011

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