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Comments: Disabling the tabs in Messenger


For me, the tabs to the left in MSN Messenger are just a waste of space. With an easy trick you can remove them too. It has been tested with MSN Messenger 7.0 beta on both Windows XP and Windows 2000.

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Hey this isn't really related but I was wondering if there is anyway to stream music threw msn or posibly use winamp to broad cast and advertise threw msn.

Please respond if you know anything. O bye the way your registry hack worked great for the non beta version of msn 7.

Thanx, Andronigma

Posted by Andronigma at 19:07 GMT on 15 July 2005

Technically I guess it should be possible. What is needed is a kind of driver which appears to Windows as a microphone, and to Winamp as a output device for sound.

I only don't know if this can be done with the software that comes with your sound card or that you need a special program to do this.

Posted by John Bokma at 15:41 GMT on 22 July 2005

Nice one!! you rock ;)

Posted by Darksaber at 17:48 GMT on 28 July 2005

the tabs are funn and i will be happy again if you can give them back thx

Posted by noelia at 16:03 GMT on 11 August 2005

Just follow the instructions and use 0 instead of 1 as explained at the end of the article Disabling the tabs in Messenger.

If you have a recent version of MSN Messenger, select Options, click on the Security entry, and make sure that "This is a shared computer so don't display my tabs" is off.

Posted by John Bokma at 20:29 GMT on 15 August 2005

I' like tis option. My tabs are gone for good What about remove next the banner et the bottom in the main messenger window

Posted by albin at 00:50 GMT on 28 September 2005

Great! Always hated those stupid and useless advert tabs.

Posted by Emil at 22:20 GMT on 2 October 2005

Thanks for tip, makes my window so much better to look at.

Posted by Nelson at 07:10 GMT on 2 November 2005

and it works on version 7.5 (.0311)

Posted by WASTe at 15:03 GMT on 30 December 2005

Is there a way I can get a Mobile status without really having to turn on my mobile phone? My friend with a Chinese MSN has the ability to do so (i.e. his MSN has a Mobile status, we only have Busy, Away, etc.)

Posted by Zhar at 14:42 GMT on 21 January 2006

How can I remove the Customer Experience Improvement Program banner in msn?

Posted by Daniel at 17:09 GMT on 3 March 2006

How do you turn the Tabs back on I need them now.

Posted by shodow kid at 14:20 GMT on 30 April 2006

That's awesome, I hated those tabs. Didn't need them, thanks for getting rid of them :D

Posted by Iain Bishop at 16:16 GMT on 29 May 2006


To remove the Customer Experience Improvement Banner in MSN messenger 7.5 download messpatch-g3-75324; it is the only one I could find which works with MSN 7.5.

Hope this helps.

Posted by iqbaly at 23:35 GMT on 10 June 2006

instead of using the registry u can use the options bar. Under privacy or security there is an option like this is a shared computer so dont show tabs or something, i know its there but since i upgraded to 8.0 its diff since tabs have there own menu and it has enable and disable in it.

Posted by ish at 09:13 GMT on 23 June 2006

ok all i have to say about this new msn top page is that it sucks you click one letter and everything you have been on shows up ..now i cant even go to my fav talk place without my husband finding out i was there and keeping an eye on me who ever thought that was a great idea guess what your wrong thanks for ruining the only fun i have left

Posted by jenny at 06:01 GMT on 15 September 2006

Wonderful... Thank you... good riddance to that rubbish!!!

Posted by Brian at 17:52 GMT on 6 October 2006

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