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I use MSN Messenger for quite some time now. Moreover, this program is the reason why I live in Mexico at the moment with Esmeralda, since I met her on the Internet. I also use it to communicate with my customers.

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I am looking for a program to turn on someones webcam from msn messenger without them knowing about it. I hope that you know something for that. I am also from the Netherlands so if you rspeak dutch please do so.

Posted by willy at 17:52 GMT on 20 September 2005

It might be possible by installing a trojan on the computer of the other person, but lets not get there. What you ask is extremely not done, and you should wonder if you really want this, and why.

Once it gets out you did this you will lose respect and friends. Oh, maybe some will think you're cool because of the material you got, but in the end I doubt people really think what you did was respectful. Also, the material is going to leak for sure, and will be traced back to you.

Think again.

Posted by John Bokma at 02:37 GMT on 21 September 2005

Hi this is Mark Williamson just letting you know that your profile manager is not functioning properly. Thank you msn Mark

Posted by Hunni_Bunni_Boo_Bear at 21:30 GMT on 3 October 2005

I remember seeing somewhere that you can make your MSN display picture larger than 96x96, I've tried using MSN Plus! and Advanced Display Picture but they dont seem to do it. Do you know how to do that, is there another program that can do that? If you do, please let me know.

Posted by Chris at 08:18 GMT on 4 February 2006

Hello John,

your info on msn was great, it helped a lot. I was wondering if you knew of a way to permenantly remove the mobile contact group from msn as i have a couple of names stored in there but deleting it seems impossible. I have tried a few different ways too, if you have any tips they would be appriciated, Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,


Posted by Charlie at 13:10 GMT on 7 February 2006

MSN + has removed all the emoticons, even the basic ones. When contacts send the 'smiley' all I can see is the ':)'. It is really fustrating ... PLEASE HELP...

Posted by Laura at 06:29 GMT on 22 March 2006

Wouldn't it be great to set an alarm clock on your computer so it wakes you up. plus by the time you get up its online so you can check your e-mails

Posted by Ross at 00:58 GMT on 24 March 2006

Hey I am currently having some trouble with my msn. It wouldn't let me log on. I apparently tried to change my password too many times, although i had only tried twice. I have forgotten my password and msn won't let me log on.I created a new account but this isn't working either, I now want to delete my second account, is this possible, if so how can i do this? plz help me!!!! HannahBanana

Posted by HannahBanana at 15:42 GMT on 13 April 2006

there is a romour that you can view a contacts webcam without them even this true becasue one of my mates do it to his friend..

Posted by stan464 at 13:35 GMT on 19 April 2006

@stan464 - technically it's possible.

Posted by John Bokma at 20:24 GMT on 28 April 2006

Is it possible for someone to trace my home address or telephone number from use of MSN messenger?

Posted by Jimmy at 20:00 GMT on 31 May 2006

Jimmy, a good friend of mine used her first name and last name in her email address that she used on MSN. Since someone else knew the state she was living in, he was able to find her home address and phone number using Google.

Your provider gives you an IP address. For some IP addresses the exact town or city can be looked up.

So, yeah, in some cases it's possible, so be careful of what information to give while chatting to people you might not know very well.

Posted by John Bokma at 23:56 GMT on 31 May 2006

Hmm It is techically possible but how i can do it?

Please i need it

Posted by Edi at 17:40 GMT on 10 July 2006

Ugh, how do you make your msn + name scored out and italic i know how to make it bold and underlined but what about italic and scored out...much thanx ghost <3

Posted by Ghost at 17:51 GMT on 15 July 2006

@edi - you need a program that makes it possible to capture someone else's webcam without the person knowing that this is happening?

I doubt it.

Posted by John Bokma at 19:50 GMT on 30 July 2006

Yesterday I was chatting to a friend who was using humourous emoticons, so I asked her how she did them...she instructed me and now I have them...Unfortunately, they are really irritating because they keep popping up each time I type words like OK SORRY LOL.. and now I cant get rid of them.... Can you instruct me about what to do to delete them... I have tried right clicking and deleting...but they just return .....

Posted by carolyn at 23:21 GMT on 10 August 2006

I need help. How do I change e-mail address in Messenger?

Thanks in advance!

Posted by Gor at 23:34 GMT on 14 August 2006

i have a trojan that you can send over msn to a friend, it is opened as a photo, when it is opened i am then able to view the contacts webcam without them knowing at any time in the future.

But i work for a Anti Virus company and don't think i will be giving it too you!

So yes it is possible but no you wont be able to do it. AVG Anti Virus will find and detect this trojan, as will most others, so even if you send it, the person will prob know.

Dr Adam Rolston

Posted by adam4590 at 22:30 GMT on 4 September 2006

im having a problem seeing peoples pictures in the small box, i can see a few but then most are just the windows green icon can you tel me why.. i have ticked all the right boxes and its getting so annoying

Posted by kathy at 18:43 GMT on 15 October 2006

Hey, can anyone tell me how to get italic text in my msn name ? I really cannot figure it out and I haven't found anyone who knows how to yet. thnks so much . Pce <33 Catherine

Posted by CatherineT.Belliveau at 13:52 GMT on 21 October 2006

I am realy havin trouble with the emotions i have got to many how can i get rid of them. Plz help!

Posted by DOLMAN at 18:25 GMT on 28 October 2006

i am not able to see other people's display pictures for some odd reason.I need a reason as to why this is happening to me.

Posted by zawaem at 22:47 GMT on 29 October 2006

How can I make my MSN Plus display name bold?

Posted by Vipen at 19:42 GMT on 2 November 2006

I cant see the emoitions in a conversation thats on a friends msn name.I can see mine but not theres.If anyone has an answer please ANSWER!thanks in advance

Posted by mackaroni at 02:57 GMT on 8 November 2006

A friend of mine wants to view my webcam on msn. im not sure of the version hes using but every time i invite him to view it tells him the page cannot be found. no one else has had this problem. do you know what it could be?

Posted by Nina at 04:30 GMT on 14 November 2006

hi i need ur help how do u get emotions up in ur second msn name i ask other people but when i do what they say it doesn't work

plz tell me what to do

Posted by kellygirl at 19:05 GMT on 24 November 2006

Hi Carolyn,

I was reading the your comment and I know how to help, if you haven't got help yet.

What you do is click on the 'select an emoticon'. The you look under all the little face where it says 'more...'. Click that. You will see 3 categories, Pinned emoticons, My emoticons and Default emoticons. Under 'My emoticons', you will see all those annoying emoticons. Click one that you want to change, and you can then either click remove or modify on the right. Modifying will allow you to change the keyboard shortcut. Instead of 'sorry' you may want to put 'srry' or somthing. Removing will remove them.

Hope this helps! Have fun! :)

Posted by Kaye at 17:37 GMT on 25 November 2006

i need help i need somethink at i can view ppl's contacts with out them knowing plz help me thanks

Posted by help me plz at 18:21 GMT on 27 November 2006

Can anyone explain to me why my msn name is showing as mobile on someone elses messenger, I haven't subscribed to anything like that?

Posted by Peachy at 22:12 GMT on 27 November 2006

how can i change my messanger e-mail cos i don't want it to be like it is?

Posted by Tasha at 16:01 GMT on 28 November 2006

my emotions have gone!! how do i get them back???


Posted by haz at 17:43 GMT on 4 December 2006

I need someones display picture but I dont want to ask for it cause it has to do with some surprise, do you know how can I get it??

Posted by elena at 19:03 GMT on 6 December 2006

How do i delete my msn messenger account i need help asap please ANSWER if you know

Posted by Meg at 01:34 GMT on 20 December 2006


i am not able to see other people's display pictures for some odd reason.I need a reason as to why this is happening to me.

Posted by silent j at 12:11 GMT on 21 December 2006

hi, i have a friend who has something very cool on her account, when you click on her display name, it changes to an another name, for an example if the name is Sarah, when u click on that name while it's in ur contact list it changes to Sarah Jackson...

How can i create a dynamic display name like that?

please answer me soon, coz she dosn't want to tell me how can i do it, she is just driving me mad LOL

so plz email me with the answer at

Posted by Mohamed at 00:34 GMT on 24 December 2006

hey i jus bought a new laptop with msn already installed and in this version i cant veiw anyones display pics when i start a conversation..... can n e 1 tell me why this is please and how to solve it?

Posted by Anonymous at 15:09 GMT on 3 January 2007

Hey....I send some-one an invite to turn on my webcam...but they cannot see my invite??? however if they ask to turn their webcam on then it works instantly....very annoying please help


Posted by KoNsTa at 19:18 GMT on 4 January 2007

just go to sites and save the pic u like as

"save as" when u right click

then create a new icon in messenger open the icons toolbar and click create

it is easy

Posted by billy at 19:54 GMT on 9 January 2007

I have a web cam but my friend doesn't. She really wants to see me but we don't know how to do it. Does it only work if we both have a web cam???? Can someone help me????

Posted by J.J at 15:03 GMT on 14 January 2007

Is there any way to view a persons contacts without them knowing it?

Posted by TJ at 14:03 GMT on 16 January 2007

My emicons is gone and all the dynamic and personal backgrounds. Even the standard once. What is wrong? Have reinstalled, deleted register too and start over. It happens everytime I have rebooted and logging in again, have to get them everytime. Emicon can be there somethimes but backgrounds aint. Please help, email me.

Posted by Benjamin at 12:13 GMT on 17 January 2007

hey i'm having a problem with windows live messenger. no 1 can see my display picture and no1 can see mine. also i cant see any ones persona messenger. can any one help me please?

Posted by daniel at 11:23 GMT on 22 January 2007

please help me... i want to know how i can close my msn and hotmail account completely so that noone can sign into it at all. i recently had it hacked and want to close it so that the hacker cannot steal all of my contacts etc on there. please could you email me on the about email as this is my new account. thank u

Posted by charlene at 15:37 GMT on 22 January 2007

my friend started chatting to me then started snding msges to me with my name how does he do this,?????

Posted by Wondering at 01:17 GMT on 23 January 2007

My emoticons is gone and all the dynamic and personal backgrounds. Even the standard once. What is wrong? Have reinstalled, deleted register too and start over. It happens everytime I have rebooted and logging in again, have to get them everytime. Emoticon can be there somethimes but backgrounds aint. When I send someone and emoticon or they send me one I can't veiw it. Please help.

Posted by Steff at 01:25 GMT on 26 January 2007

Hey , i hav a new laptop nd i cant c any ones display pic nd they cant c mine..plz wil sum1 help me - thanks xxx

Posted by Hatty at 19:46 GMT on 28 January 2007

how do i find out other peoples passwords

Posted by nicols at 21:06 GMT on 28 January 2007


i am not able to see other people's display pictures for some odd reason.I need a reason as to why this is happening to me

Posted by ghost at 21:59 GMT on 5 February 2007

I need help getting my display picture to reshow I've looked all over and I cant seem to find how to make it show again. Also I'm in france using a french version and I'm just a beginner in teh language. Can someone please help me?

Posted by Kelsey at 18:44 GMT on 10 February 2007

i itstalled msn names and now i cant get rid of it ive tryed to dealte it and have done from destop and every thing but it wont go plz help

Posted by tj at 15:57 GMT on 13 February 2007

j.j you click your webcam icon that is in the left hand corner of the display box. Then click send my webcam :D this should work... it always does for me

Posted by Ibseh at 17:22 GMT on 13 February 2007

ok if ure seein jsut :) go into tools,options,then look one of the tabs it will say about viewing emotions it will be unticked coz i had the same problem,there is a rumour u can view ppls webcams

Posted by Pur3 at 19:28 GMT on 16 February 2007

I was wondering if there is a program that will let me log into another msn messenger from another PC while the other msn messenger is logged in and running! I know that if you log in from another CPU it boots you off the other PC???

Posted by ASHLEY! at 07:06 GMT on 17 February 2007


Posted by SADIA at 00:39 GMT on 19 February 2007

Is there any way to add ur own emoticons into ur display nam on windows live messenger?

Posted by Sean at 23:05 GMT on 22 February 2007


My friends have this thing when you type a word like "Hey" a little pic will show for them and the person who sent it.and if they send one back you can add it but i cant.they see my pic but i dont and i cant see theirs.PLEASE HELP!!!!

Posted by hayley b at 23:40 GMT on 1 March 2007

i want some pinned emoticon for hockey maby like a hockey puck or a hockey stick something like that

Posted by elbrendo at 03:49 GMT on 4 March 2007

Is there a limit to how many emoticons you can have on your msn?

Posted by icecap at 23:32 GMT on 17 April 2007

Some set themselves offline although they are connected to MSN messenger, Is there any program that helps me to know?

Posted by cotton candy at 11:09 GMT on 21 December 2007

how can you get rid of emotions when you are typing?

Posted by bubbles at 10:15 GMT on 23 December 2007

@bubbles - Click on Options in the Tools menu. Click on "Messages" in the left column. You can turn off "Show emoticons" and "Show Custom emoticons". I am not sure if this does what you want, but if you haven't tried this yet, give it a try.

Posted by John Bokma at 16:23 GMT on 24 December 2007

MSN + has removed all the emoticons, even the basic ones. When contacts send the 'smiley' all I can see is the ':)'. It is really fustrating ... PLEASE HELP...

Posted by trista! at 20:00 GMT on 15 March 2008


I am having troubles with my emotions. When they send me emotions i can see them. However, when i type :) it doesnt turn into a smiley face. It just says the same!! Please help!!

Posted by Nuxs at 23:09 GMT on 15 March 2008

Every time I try to change my display it won't allow me. Help!

Posted by Lee-Lee at 22:06 GMT on 21 April 2008

I feel like such an idiot, but I have this background in my IM window that I want to get rid of completely. It must have been a really silly moment of weakness to even put it up, but I can't for the life of me find out how to do it. I have been through the tools and options and the help window. It tells me how to add backgrounds and sends me to the site for them, but not how to get rid of them. Help! I am NOT a puppy and puffy cloud kind of girl and it's driving me insane! :)

Posted by Coyote at 17:41 GMT on 23 April 2008

Hi Coyote,

Your question inspired me to write a how to on it, check out: How to remove a background image from Messenger.


Posted by John Bokma at 22:50 GMT on 23 April 2008

My friend has a dynamic display picture and it's larger than my display picture. Is there a way for me to make mine larger using my own photo?


Posted by Angela at 04:16 GMT on 7 July 2008

I'm a bit confused.

My messenger will not display pics, my webcam wil not work with it (although it works fine on its own) and i cant receive files sent to me

Its windows messenger xp and i cant seem to remove it and install a previous version of messenger which is what i had before on my old pc and that had all the fnctions im loing for

Please please help!

Posted by Dan at 15:23 GMT on 10 July 2008

How do you make your msn name bold ?? :/

Posted by Anonymous at 15:42 GMT on 14 January 2009

i have a webtvplus and it's a older model and i was wondering if it has a webcam and if so where and how turn it on, also all i have is a sony internet reciever and a wireless keyboard. if i don't have webcam where could i put one and how to hook up and what does it look like.

thanks shannon

Posted by shannon at 17:59 GMT on 19 January 2009

i have mac messenger and it won't let me change my display picture for some odd reason, it's extremely annoying. it also won't let me add emoticons.

Posted by Anonymous at 22:55 GMT on 3 September 2009

how do you get rid of emotions when you are typing???

Posted by bella at 23:50 GMT on 10 December 2009

i had a friend send me an email with her pic as i tried to view i click edit and now all her photos i cannot open nor view thyere is a small windows type pane in the middle of a blank square . How do i now get to view pics she sends me?

many thanks

Posted by Anonymous at 01:06 GMT on 12 January 2011

i know how to remove a emotions, but i have got an emotion i dont want and i cant find it when i am looking for it? please help!

Posted by Rach at 21:35 GMT on 20 January 2011

hey i just can ntseem to get rid of them cuse i have tried to delete them but they still come back can any one help me.:) sarah xx

Posted by Anonymous at 20:25 GMT on 24 January 2011

My MSN has removed all the emoticons, even the basic ones. When contacts send the 'smiley' all I can see is the ':)' and when i try to send the "smiley" all i see is ":)', i dont think i did anything to cause this to happen. It is really fustrating ... HELPPPPPP PLEASEEE...

Posted by miki at 08:57 GMT on 6 February 2011

I have MSN on my Mac, and it won't let me change my display picture at all.

Posted by Anonymous at 21:38 GMT on 15 April 2011

pls help me i hv a doubt dat smone is watcn at me thro webcam bt i neva put on ma webcam bt hw could it b possible he guessed ryt evrytym i askd wt m doin n ma dress colour too.i started chatin wd him 4months bck.tody again i felt dat he s watcin at me...i feel sooooo sad n being made fool!!!wen i askd him cn u c me o wat he said yes n i said hw cum its possible coz i din put on ma web cam den he repliyed no need of dat i can c u everting clearly...n i askd hw? he said i can c!!!i insist him to tell hw n he said m kidding i doubt he is tellin lie coz hw could he guessed ryt dat wot m wearing n all....m soo sad n feeling bad.pls reply me pls!!!!tel me hw to gt rid of it i hv scype n picassa i installd it bt neva usd.

Posted by nanang at 19:52 GMT on 19 September 2011

when you delete a comment that u made on someones msn profile do they still get the notification?

Posted by gspatel at 02:14 GMT on 10 October 2011

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