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Comments: Installing and customizing the Google Toolbar


This article describes how to install the Google Toolbar for the Firefox browser and how you can customize the Google Toolbar. I use this toolbar mostly for viewing the PageRank of my websites and those of other people, but it has several other nice features.

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not broken down into plain engish enough.consider beginners.thanks

Posted by babyface at 16:12 GMT on 18 February 2006

I always reread what I've written after a few weeks, and will take your remark into account.


Posted by John Bokma at 20:23 GMT on 16 March 2006

It is stated that Firefox and Google chrome are fast, easy and quick web browsers. So, I want to instal the Google tool bar in Firefox for my easy approach. Please help me. How to get it because I have so far updated the firefox to 7.0.1 version now. Is it possible now? ....kmcs

Posted by kmcs at 10:18 GMT on 2 November 2011

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