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I really enjoyed your information. I live in Vancouver British Coumbia,and i had a black Emperor scorpion and a Rosy Haired Tarantula. Unfortunatley my scorpion had died from old age, but I really enjoyed her company. i don't have my spider anymore but I will be hopefully get another scorpion, as I am a scorpio. thank you, for reading this, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by ANGEL at 18:07 GMT on 14 June 2007

You are so awsome. Your pictures are realy good. And i know what good art is. You're HOT too. Love you

Posted by Jessica at 21:57 GMT on 19 April 2008

I found the picture of your immature ring neck snake. It looks just like one I accidently "weed-wacked" today. It didn't get cut up, but did kill it. I felt awful! There are lots of snakes on my property here in the woods, but I'd never seen one like it before. I was just wondering since it was so young, should I be careful of other babies around that area? I've also had my cat bring three snakes into the house (one still alive). Each was solid brown about the shade of hot chocolate.It was small but extremely aggressive; coiled up, rattling his tail and striking at anything that moved. Don't know what kind of snake THAT was. Should I be looking for more baby snakes befor I weed eat?

Posted by horsenanny at 07:16 GMT on 3 August 2010

Wow! dats amazing,ur such a gud writer

Posted by Vullu at 16:16 GMT on 3 June 2011

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