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Frequently Asked Questions

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This page answers some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) I get by email with answers. If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact me by email.

Advertising, product promotion, and link exchange

Can I advertise on your site?

In short: yes. Contact me for more information. Note that advertisements are site wide, and served using JavaScript, similar to Google AdSense. The reason for the former is that otherwise it would be too much administration. The reason for the latter is to avoid getting punished by Google et al for selling PageRank.

Can I buy text links on your site?

I can't sell you text links to improve your PageRank. Google frowns upon this, which I consider right. However, you can advertise on my site, see the previous question.

Can I send you our product for reviewing (swag)?

I might be interested in reviewing software, books, hardware, etc. and write an article on the product. Note that it will be a non-biased review, and I will state in the article that the product was offered to me for reviewing purposes. You are allowed to comment on the review before publication. Products sent to me will normally not be returned. Note that I currenly hardly use Microsoft Windows anymore so I most likely can't review products for Windows.

Are you interested in a link exchange?

If you want to exchange a link with me, the easiest way to do so is to post a comment on the page you're linking to. If the comment is on topic and the link leads to a page that has related and relevant information I'll add your comment. However, I don't do link exchanges with link pages or directories.

Photos and images on this site

Can I use your photos on my site?

Now and then I do give permission for a site to use photos or images I have made. The photo will contain a copyright message, and I prefer to have a link back to my site, or to the page on my site containing the photo.

Also, if you want to use a photo in your homework, please ask. Most of the time I will give you permission to do so, and if possible will provide a higher resolution version of the photo.

State in the email which photo you want to use, the dimensions you prefer, and on what site you want to use the photo.

Can I link to your photos or images?

It's fine with me if you create a text link using the HTML a element that leads directly to a photo I have made. However, I would prefer a link to the page containing the photo, also because it might contain additional information for your visitors.

Don't embed the photo or any other image in a page in a way it appears to be part of that page (using the HTML img element, or frames). This is called leeching which results in me blocking the image in most cases, and might result in me reporting copyright infringement to the company that provides the hosting of the site leeching my image. Also don't copy the file to your own server. Please respect copyright.

Can I publish your photos?

If a sufficient payment can be made I might be tempted to give a written permission for publication of photos I have made in magazines, books, etc.

Please email me with the details, and the offer. However, don't email me if you have a "non-profit company" not able to pay me next to nothing.

Perl and programming

Can you have a look at my Perl program?

Yes, I can review your Perl program, and give you useful suggestions on how to improve the program, and/or your programming style. However, depending on the size of the task I require you to pick one or more books from my wish list as a reward for my effort. See Perl help in exchange for books.

My Perl program doesn't work

If you want me to have a look at a non-working Perl program, reduce the Perl program to the smallest version possible that still has the problem. Make sure that you have:

use strict;
use warnings;

in your Perl program. See Perl help in exchange for books.

Note that I can't write a Perl program for you for free.

Flora and Fauna

Can you send me a scorpion, tarantula, etc.?

No, I can't send you any animals or plants, dead or alive. Please don't ask. If you want a scorpion or a tarantula as a pet contact a local breeder after you have read sufficient information on how to keep such a pet, and which species is good for beginners. I recommend against buying a "pet" scorpion or tarantula from a pet shop; some shops keep the scorpions on the wrong substrate and or mislabel what they are selling.


Why did you send spam?

On this site I have exposed several spammers. It might be that you found it because you used Google to find more information on a spammer. Note that I have no relation at all with those spammers.

If you received spam that seems to originate from the domain note that spammers do use domain names that don't belong to them in the From field of an email. So even though you clearly see my domain name and maybe even an email address of mine as the sender of the email, you can be very sure that if it's spam, I did not send it.

Can you remove me from the list?

I can't remove you from "the" list, because I don't maintain "the" list spammers use to bother you and me daily, sadly.

Did you report my comment spam?

I receive quite some comment spam daily. Most of the spam is reported to internet service provider (ISP) that has the spam sending computer connected to its network and each of the hosting providers hosting the spamvertized links. I have quite good contacts with both kinds of companies and most garbage is dropped from their network within a few hours after I have reported the incident.

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