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Xara is a vector based 2D drawing package made by Xara Group Ltd. Although not designed for making web graphics in the first place, to me it's an excellent web graphics design tool. Because it's vector based you can scale your drawings without quality loss. Another great feature is the use of anti-aliasing, not limited to fonts. This prevents jagged edges.

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I used to be a huge Xara fan and was overjoyed when they decided to release a Linux version because I was switching to Linux at the time myself and thought I can "take" my favorite graphic development tool with me to the new platform.

But Xara's Linux version had stalled and at this rather late point in the game there is nothing that Inkscape would not do that Xara does. Granted, I haven't touched Win-based Xara in something like 4 years, and I realize that they may have come a long way on Windows, but I've switched to Inkscape for all my vector drawing needs and haven't looked back.

Posted by Scriptster at 03:18 GMT on 23 October 2011

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