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I can write a search engine optimization report of your site for just 150 USD. The review of your site might help you to improve it and hence result in a better ranking (position) in search engines like Google. A better position might result in a lot of extra visitors.

For example, this very site receives over 10,000 visitors every day. That's right, visitors, not hits. On average that is about 10 visitors per page every day. Some of the top pages get each hundreds of visitors every day.

Google ranking examples for this site

I work as a freelance Perl programmer:

Custom SEO report

The advice is not a cut and paste job of SEO advice (or worse: myths) found elsewhere but customized to your personal situation. In addition, some advice on improving the overall HTML and CSS coding and the user interface will be included, if appropriate. This will result in an easier to maintain website with better structural mark up. The latter might contribute to better ranking in search engines as well.

Dynamic web pages

If your website uses dynamic web page publishing (for example pages created using information in a database) I can advice on how to make those pages more search engine friendly using techniques like URL rewriting.

Internet and SEO experience

I have over 11 years experience with web site maintenance including search engine optimization (SEO), web application development and HTML coding. I have experience with automated HTML page generation, both "static" and dynamic (on the fly). A good example of the former is this site, which is generated from a small set of XML pages before it's uploaded to the webserver. And even though this site is a personal home page, it has over 10,000 visitors, every day. A year ago this was 3,000 visitors/day, and currently the number of visitors/day grows with roughly a 1,000/day extra each month.

The SEO report

The written material will consist of at least 3 pages in PDF format, emailed to you after payment via PayPal. If you need help with modifying your site and hire me as a programmer (PHP, Perl) or to optimize the HTML and CSS you get a full refund of the report. I can also assist on URL rewriting (for example using Apache's mod_rewrite) in order to get search engine friendly URLs.

Order your expert advice today

In order to get your SEO report as soon as possible contact me today. If possible you have it emailed to you within 24 hours after you place your order.

Web application developer

For more information about my other web application development skills see Castle Amber and Perl Programmer available. I can also be hired to create programs that turn available content into search engine optimized HTML pages.

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