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Comments: Disabling the right mouse button


By disabling the right mouse button, website designers think they are able to protect the HTML source or prevent people from downloading images. Useful functionality is taken away and there are so many ways to circumvent this (for example by disabling JavaScript temporarily) that it is not worth the effort.

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The simplest method to circumnavigate this "Right Click Disable" control is to just type:

view-source: prior to a HTTP address

i.e. view-source:http://website.com

This will cause the plain text of the HTML to be loaded into the default source editor that's defined in the browser settings.

Alternatively using a Text Browser or Telnet client is enough to pull the plain text, but for the most part view-source is supported by most browsers.

Posted by Stryder at 15:35 GMT on 25 April 2008

Thanks Stryder, I didn't know about the view-source pseudo-protocol.

Posted by John Bokma at 21:18 GMT on 1 May 2008

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