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After many years of using the Internet, reading quite some information on user interface design and web page design, discussions on the Usenet and of course my own opinion I decided to make an overview of what in my opinion website designers, either professional or amateur, should and should not do. Note however that it is not my intention to give the impression that these are the rules everyone should apply and that there are no exceptions. In the end it is your website.

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I think all the rules should be applied to web designing.

After all first impressions is last impression.

Web site makes that first impression

Posted by web design at 07:35 GMT on 8 August 2006

Nice list. Hopefully more designers than programmers are reading it. In my experience, it's usually the web designers that resist and oppose usability centered ideas. They seek to glorify the site's appearance, setting aside the user experience.

When you have time you should add some AJAX based design tips and woes. :)

Posted by Student Organization Guy at 22:33 GMT on 19 August 2006

I think keeping the design simple is much better than designing a complex-looking website on the cost of content.

Posted by Andy James at 14:56 GMT on 30 January 2007

Being new to web design all such articles are helpful. Weather one believes it in its entirety or not we usually gather some useful information. Thank you.

Posted by Shawn at 22:52 GMT on 16 February 2007

This article is very useful for me as beginner in website design. I think website should be as simple as possible. I mean no any scripts. In such a case designer will think about usability of his site. Just my opinion.

Posted by Alex at 07:23 GMT on 9 October 2007

Thanks for the great article here. I was searching for something like that for quite a long time and at last I have found it here. I hope to see more such nice articles in the nearest future too. Thanks!

Posted by Web Design Company at 12:07 GMT on 5 March 2011

Superb..... Clearly explained.

Posted by King at 10:25 GMT on 31 January 2012

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