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Comments: SpamAssassin cookbook

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Below follow some rules and other settings I added to my user_prefs file which is part of the excellent mail classifying Perl program SpamAssassin. Note that I call it a classifying program not a filter nor a spam blocking program. SpamAssassin adds information to an email about its class: spam or ham. Also the score of the email is added as extra information. This can be used to move email to seperate mail folders.

Read the rest of SpamAssassin cookbook.


This is what I tried so I can flag long dir names in URIs; [code] uri URI_XTRALONG_DIR m|^http?://.+?\w{10,}$|i score URI_XTRALONG_DIR 1 [/code] and I like the results!

A slight mod from your ending in 4 digits rule :)

Posted by Katie C at 21:11 GMT on 28 March 2011

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