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Comments: Bulent's screen recorder


Bulent's Screen Recorder, BSR for short, is an excellent Windows program to record, for example, an MSN Messenger, Yahoo webcam session, web based security cams, or any other on-screen video. Sadly, the author decided to make the more recent version of the screen recorder program shareware. However, I consider the program well worth the money. Good news is that the new version of Bulent's screen recorder also supports audio recording.

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Thx Mate!

this thing is soo cool, you really helped me out.

Posted by JFK at 10:15 GMT on 1 July 2005

hi there, when installing it freezes at the part where it says creating shortcut icons. What is going wrong?

Posted by dumpie_1 at 18:43 GMT on 21 October 2005

I've just got it and it works a bloody treat! Thanks Mate.

It's much better than the free trial version of Web cam Recorder that I was using. Much appreciated.

Posted by Dave at 00:12 GMT on 30 December 2005

the software saves files in what format (e.g., avi, wma,MPEG, etc.)?

Posted by JoeH at 04:24 GMT on 15 January 2006

Hey I read your review and bought the screen recorder...but it won't work for me. Every time I try to record a video it says I have an error. The program initializes and then the recording ends saying Error (No. 1): Could not gather information.

Do you have any suggestions?

Posted by Mark at 19:27 GMT on 4 February 2006

Mark, if you bought the program I guess you have a more recent version then the one I used to use. Maybe you can contact the author? I have no idea what the error message exactly means. Otherwise, try the free version and check if that one gives the same problem.

Posted by John Bokma at 04:58 GMT on 16 February 2006

Yes, contact the author. If you bought it, s/he will most likely provide you with tech support (Shareware authors are cool like that)

Posted by gpgarrettboast at 23:30 GMT on 21 May 2006

hi i wanted to know what's the process of having a web cam in ur computer do i have to buy some devices so as to enable me to use web came during chatting

Posted by kay at 10:10 GMT on 23 May 2006

Kay, just buy a web cam. They normally connect to an USB port. Make sure that the box says that the webcam is compatible with the instant message program you want to use. If in doubt, make sure you can return the webcam if it doesn't work.

I bought the Genius Look 312P webcam (which looks like a toy dog), and it works with MSN Messenger and Skype.

Posted by John Bokma at 06:35 GMT on 28 May 2006

Hi, I'm new at all this cyberspace business. Have Win XP, MSN Messenger 7.5, and just installed a Dynex webcam. Whenever I attempt to begin a video communication, my laptop (Toshiba Satellite) freezes. Any clue as to why?

On another note, I'll try to download the Bulent's program that you recommend. Thanks.

PS- What's the difference between freeware and shareware?

Posted by yogafan at 20:02 GMT on 30 May 2006

The best thing on earth

Posted by Alpi at 21:03 GMT on 1 July 2006

i used the screen recorder a couple of times, but the files r just 2 big. they take up a lot of space. i tried2 adjust the properties or whatever & still no less space taken. My video is also poor.

Posted by DaMacD at 04:23 GMT on 7 November 2006

I downloaded and was installing, but during the "registry settings are being done" thingy, I recieved pop-ups saying Registry Key has not been installed!! or Registry other things has not be installed!, And then why I try to open up the program it says 'Screen Recorder Has Not Been Installed!' Can someone help me?

Posted by dudmaker007 at 19:26 GMT on 27 December 2006

with dynex cameras, what is the name of the program that comes with it. and if you know i would be thankful for a link. or any other program where i can use it like a digital camera that will work with it. thanks

Posted by marshall at 03:32 GMT on 24 January 2007

Thank you! My boyfriend was looking for this and for whatever reason when I tried to send it to him it wouldn't function properly, but then we found your website and he could finally get it. Thanks again!

Posted by Victoria at 01:16 GMT on 24 February 2007

been using the freeware version for ages now and it is simply the best. with the k-lite mega or the xp codec pack one can get real high quality recordings of webcam, just great! thank you so much ;)

Posted by Kinky at 05:38 GMT on 26 March 2007

Is there a limit to how much the trial version will record as some trials have a max of 1 min which isn't really long enough to get an idea of how well a recorder works

Posted by Jimbo at 01:51 GMT on 29 March 2007

@Jimbo - version 1.5a is freeware and doesn't have a trial period. Hence the size of the video is limited by how much free space you have left on your hard disk.

Posted by John Bokma at 04:54 GMT on 29 March 2007

does this version leave a watermark?????

Posted by matt at 00:14 GMT on 26 October 2007

@matt - no, this freeware version doesn't leave a watermark and works perfectly. It only doesn't record sound. Check out the latest, non-free version, of Bulent's Screen Recorder if you want to record sound as well.

Posted by John Bokma at 18:58 GMT on 29 October 2007

fantastic, so easy to use, nice one for this

Posted by darren at 22:04 GMT on 8 February 2008

I have downloaded Bulent's screen recorder, and I am successful in recording the screen shot, but there is no audio. How do I get it to record the web cam picture and the audio?

Posted by Mandy at 22:48 GMT on 14 April 2009

@Mandy: the (old) freeware version doesn't support audio.

Posted by John Bokma at 19:58 GMT on 16 April 2009

I have looked for this all my life....Thank you alot at poster, you are the best

Posted by colly at 14:52 GMT on 16 November 2010

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