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SGI Iris Indigo R3000

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The first Silicon Graphics workstation I owned was an SGI Iris Indigo R3000 running IRIX 5.3.

Can't set tod clock

One of the problems I ran into with the Indigo was that one day when I turned on the workstation it reported:

Initializing tod clock.
   setting secs=0 min=0 hour=0 day=1 month=1 year=0
   Can't set tod clock.

This is caused by the on board battery being empty.

Tadiran TL-5186 battery.
Tadiran TL-5186 battery.

The battery in my Iris Indigo R3000 had part number TL-5186 - 3.6V 370 mAh - and was produced by Tadiran. The TL-5186 has been discontinued and was replaced by the TL-4986.

SGI Iris Indigo R3000 motherboard.
SGI Iris Indigo R3000 motherboard.

In my case the battery was not soldered onto the motherboard and removing the rubber band that keeps the battery in place was enough to pull out the battery. But before I could reach the battery I had to unscrew a piece of protective transparent plastic - see above photo.

SGI The Netherlands sent me a replacement battery for free (thanks!).

Empty battery socket of the SGI Iris Indigo R3000 motherboard.
Empty battery socket of the SGI Iris Indigo R3000 motherboard.

Indigo R3000 battery related

Obtaining the Indigo R3000 serial number

The following one liner reports the serial number of an Iris Indigo R3000:

/usr/etc/netstat -ia | grep 08:00 | sed 's/ *//;s/://g' | head -1 | tr '[a-f]' '[A-F]'
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