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I have several scorpions as pets (or better "pets"). They are kept separate since they can be cannibalistic at times. I have seen one scorpion attacking another and eating it some time ago because I put the two together without being aware of this behavior. Some species can live together, but the saying among hobbyist is: scorpions are communal to some degree until they start to eat each other. The degree depends on the species, but also on the individuals.

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Hi John I didn't want to post this in the group, but you may find this article interesting.

New Animal Species Found in Calif. Caves

plh Paul

Posted by Paul at 03:13 GMT on 19 January 2006

my scorpion is a rock scorpion she just had babbies how long untill i should put them in a separet tank

Posted by blake at 11:17 GMT on 1 February 2006

Blake - I know that for some species after about 10 days the scorpions have their first molt, and shortly afterwards start to wander away from the mother. As far as I know, if they don't go back to her, it's safe to separate them.

Posted by John Bokma at 01:39 GMT on 3 February 2006

I want to get a pet scorpion so what is a good pet for a beginner.

Posted by Liam J. at 06:47 GMT on 30 October 2006

i am looking for somewhere to buy pet scorpions and different species of scorpions i have had several emperor scorpions and asian forest scorpions but am having trouble finding different species for my collection.

Posted by axle at 17:02 GMT on 18 January 2007

@axle - check out Arachnoboards they have a great forum on Scorpions and there is also a Classifieds section.

Posted by John Bokma at 21:00 GMT on 19 January 2007

i have recently bought an emporer scorpion an would like to no how to tell if it is male or female

Posted by rob at 16:19 GMT on 3 July 2007

I am wondering where i could get a scorpion

Posted by kyle at 16:19 GMT on 8 October 2007

@kyle - check a local pet shop. You might also want to check Arachnoboards. There are quite some hobbyists selling young scorpions and you probably get better and more information on how to take care of what you buy compared to a pet shop.

Posted by John Bokma at 16:48 GMT on 31 October 2007

I have 1 Asian Forest scorpion and i dont know if it is a female or male how would i know its gender?? help me please because i'm gonna buy another one.

Posted by Benedict at 04:25 GMT on 17 January 2008

is the lesser brown scorpion is a good pet scorpion ?

Posted by busty at 06:35 GMT on 16 December 2011

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