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Comments: Food and feeding


Below follows a list of food I have given to my Centruroides flavopictus species I own. The scorpion was an accident, back then I didn't know that scorpions can be cannibalistic.

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we have them up here where i live, i would love to have one as a pet, how do u suggest i find one ??

Posted by William at 15:34 GMT on 25 June 2005

Hi William,

Check out Arachnoboard - Scorpions. If there are scorpions living near to you, I am sure someone on that board can give you hints and tips.

Some people collect scorpions at night using UV light. At night they are active, and they glow in the dark, see: Scorpion detection using UV LEDs.

Other people prefer to collect them during the day, when they are hiding and more slow.

Scorpions, especially local ones are easy to keep, just a cricket once in a while and a water supply.

Posted by John Bokma at 16:51 GMT on 25 June 2005

hello! i recently got a scorpion as a present. we had it for 2 weeks now. i ve tryed crickets-wouldnt eat it! today i was at the pet store and they told me to try a "pinky" ( a couple of day old mise) . i still have no chance to make him eat anything! maybe its addopting to a new place? thank you. pav

Posted by pav at 14:27 GMT on 9 November 2005

I bought my son a south african jonesi scorpion for his birthday. we have managed to get it to eat crickets but it does'nt seem very keen. is their anything it might prefer to eat instead? we also found out that its natural instinct is to dig burrows is it ok to put it in a tank? we were told to keep it in a small plastic box and it does'nt seem very happy.

Posted by Al at 13:18 GMT on 20 April 2006

If it likes to dig, make sure you have enough substrate and the right kind. I prefer to have my scorpions in a natural looking habitat.

Also make sure it has a place to hide.

As of eating, scorpions don't eat a lot, a cricket once in two weeks or even less seems to be ok. Some of the scorpions I keep, when they don't want the food, they slap it away with their tail. I then remove it, otherwise they kill it, and don't eat it.

A good place to ask specific questions is Arachnoboard - Scorpions

Posted by John Bokma at 20:24 GMT on 28 April 2006

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