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Comments: The sad horse


Taken from Point View Drive close to Caldwells. I gave the beautiful white horse pieces of an apple, but the horse kept on looking very sad.

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i think that this picture is really cute because the horse that i ride, spot looks exactily the same.

Posted by meagan archibald. at 01:43 GMT on 28 June 2005

That's a pretty horse... I don't have a horse yet. I'm 14 and I'm dying to get a horse... Very pretty

Posted by Holly at 23:30 GMT on 11 July 2005

that horse is cute! i really want one.

Posted by molly at 16:07 GMT on 2 August 2005

Very good picture, especially the first one.The horse actually..seems sad. Maybe some sugar would have done the trick..? :)

Posted by Jael at 23:37 GMT on 22 August 2005

Good pictures, you should take more. looks like my horse x x x

Posted by Rox at 14:21 GMT on 2 September 2005

maybe its becuase he ran into that barbed wire by accident?

Posted by crazymadguy101 at 21:30 GMT on 27 February 2006

maybe its becuase he ran into that barbed wire by accident?

Posted by crazymadguy101 at 21:30 GMT on 27 February 2006

I just love that horse i want a horse so bad because i really think their beautiful animals. But i hope really soon i get a horse

Posted by Anonymous at 00:03 GMT on 16 March 2006

I Love Horses I Am 14 I Have one hores His Name Is Hook He is A Ten,walking Hores . I LOVE YOUR HORSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by RACHAEL at 21:07 GMT on 30 April 2006

adorable! you need to take more of him, hes a beauty! And the sky in the background is a good touch~

Posted by charee at 19:54 GMT on 1 July 2006

plz I want to show this photo to my friends can I ?

its so saaaaaaaad


Posted by joly at 18:03 GMT on 22 July 2006

The picture certainly portrays a "sad" looking horse, he or she is more than likely elderly. By the looks of his face and the divots above the eye which deepen with age. The horse certainly has a kind eye. Nice picture.

Posted by Callie at 01:51 GMT on 28 April 2007

SERIOUSLY i think this is my horse! was his name spye rocket?

Posted by brittany at 22:17 GMT on 15 May 2007

looks in his twenties ...how big ..? 14.2?

Posted by Anonymous at 12:56 GMT on 27 June 2007

in the second 1 he doent look sad he looks inspiring. looking towards the sky

Posted by kaitlin at 22:52 GMT on 5 July 2007

Cute horse! It's actually gray, though, not white. White horses and gray ones are genetically different. The easiest way to tell them apart is to look at the areas on the horse where the hair is sparse. You'll then see a gray horse has black skin while a white horse has pink skin.

Posted by Caroline at 01:35 GMT on 2 March 2009

Thanks Caroline, I didn't know that. I will change the text later.

Posted by John Bokma at 20:20 GMT on 10 March 2009

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