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Comments: Centipede babies


In the early evening I decided to check the substrate of a terrarium in which I keep a centipede collected the 6th of November last year near the town of El Limón Totalco, Veracruz. I hadn't seen the centipede for months and was worried that it had died even though I've kept the substrate about as moist as in the original habitat using the plastic bottle false bottom technique which I use for several scorpion species I keep in captivity as well.

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I live in Nevada and we have centipedes constantly invading our house. I'm impressed with the time and effort you have gone through to relocate and save them. I just get scared and start stomping on them.

Posted by Greg Bergson at 04:05 GMT on 17 July 2011

My boys love finding bugs-they found a dead centipede in our backyard the other day. I got curious about what their young look like so we appreciate you posting these pics.

Posted by mommyx3 at 21:45 GMT on 23 October 2011

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