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Our new house

Indeco Animas, Xalapa | 0 comments
Our new house, front
Our new house, front

In the above photo you can see our next rental house located in Animas, a part of Xalapa. The house is on a hill and their is an additional level below the street giving it a total of three levels. In the picture you can see glass cubes at the bottom of the wall providing some light to the front bottom room. The other room, at the same level, has windows and a door that opens to a balcony.

From left to right: our babysitter Denise, Alice, Esme's cousin, Esme, and her mother holding our son. On the roof you can see a man who's cleaning the water storage tank. And if you look close you can see my reflection in the window to the right.

See Picking up the keys for more photos of the house.

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