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AdSense: Goodbye and Good Riddance

Monday, March 22, 2010 | 0 comments

I just closed my AdSense account and removed all AdSense related code off my site. The reason? Tired of having to ask in a public forum if someone can please assist in helping me out. Yes, you're reading that correctly, nowadays Google insists that you ask for help in a public forum, where you have to post your problem (and all the gory details), and ask if someone pretty please can be bothered to assist you, like a schoolboy (or girl) asking dad for pocket money.

No more. I've asked several times for assistance. My problem is simple: after I moved from Xalapa to Coatepec checks stopped arriving. Yes, I entered my address correctly, I checked and double checked. Moreover, Google's AdWords promotion did arrive on my new address. And no, I don't want to switch Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) because my bank does charge extra for that (I tried it out), while the same bank doesn't charge a peso for processing a check.

So today I finally decided to no longer support a company that clearly doesn't care for people like me, so goodbye AdSense and good riddance.

What does this mean for this site?

While I will miss the monthly "extra" that Google used to pay me, even though it has dropped a lot compared to 3 years ago, this site's existence doesn't depend on it, nor does mine, so nothing will change. Well, except for the lack of AdSense that is. As usual, I will do my best to post as often as I can make time available for writing. On top of that I will keep an eye open for sponsors / advertisers who want to work directly with me, if you're interested, drop me a line. Note that I can't sell PageRank though.


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