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Comments: Barcodes with Apache FOP


The past two days I've been working on a small project which required the generating of a PDF file with a barcode and some other text data, and a watermark image. Today I decided to do a clean install on Ubuntu 9.10 AMD64 running in VirtualBox of all programs I use to convert an XML file, via an intermediate XML file, to a PDF file, . And a good thing I did, since my customer had trouble with making Apache FOP, one of the programs I use in the project, work with the Barcode4J extension. The FOP shell script, located in /usr/bin/, which launches the Java FOP program is different in more recent versions of Ubuntu from the script in Ubuntu 8.10, which I am (still) running. Instead of setting CLASSPATH one now has to set JAVA_CLASSPATH to the full path of a jar file to make Apache FOP see the Barcode4J extension. This is explained in more detail in the "Testing Barcode4J via Apache FOP" section below.

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