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Shelves in a closet

Saturday, November 21, 2009 | 0 comments

The room in our house I use for office space was original a bed room and hence comes with a closet. The wall closet is divided into two sections, the right one has a single door and four shelves. The left, larger section, has a metal tube for hanging clothes and two doors.

Some time ago I replaced the very thin - as in a few millimeters - untreated multiplex shelves in the right section with 1.5cm thick plywood. I also had added a shelve above the metal tube in the left section, and more recently another shelve. But since this section is about 95cm wide the plywood shelves couldn't carry much load; the top one has been carrying two rows of technical books and was already sagging almost half a centimeter.

So today I had planned add support to the bottom shelve using a wooden frame in the center made of four pieces of 35 x 45 mm pine lumber. Originally I wanted to create a rectangle using the four pieces but after some more thinking I decided to use a construct that looks like an H with a beam on top.

Shelve supported with wooden frame in my closet.
Shelve supported with wooden frame in my closet.

Underneath the shelve there is sufficient space for two stacks of Iris Clear Stack boxes, each stack containing two 42 liter (Iris 44Qt, CB-38) and one 31 liter (Iris 33Qt, CB-30) boxes.

The shelve itself is going to carry 2 stacks each of four 31 liter (Iris 33Qt, CB-30) boxes, most of them filled with books. Hence the need for a robust supporting frame.

Shelve supported with wooden frame carrying boxes.
Shelve supported with wooden frame carrying boxes.

Todo, probably later this week (Jan 5, 2006).

Also today

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