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Comments: AVI to DVD on Ubuntu

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In the evening I wanted to convert a single AVI file to something I could burn on a DVD so it could be played back on a standalone DVD player. I had already learned how to burn VOB, BUP, and IFO to DVD on Ubuntu but had no idea yet how to convert an AVI file to those required files on a GNU/Linux operating system.

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Thanks a million to you. I have been pulling my hair out strand by strand trying to get an .avi file into .ifo .bup and .vob with numerous programs on ubuntu 10.04. They either crashed or not the right options were there like resizing to pal format, and then i find this little gem of a page that does it in a few terminal commands lol. Thank you so much. I never heard of tovid, thanks to you i do now.

Posted by Paul at 00:13 GMT on 12 August 2010

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