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Books and baby scorpions

Monday, July 20, 2009 | 0 comments
Two Vaejovis cf. punctatus scorpion babies.

In the afternoon Esme spotted the mailman at our gate. We still have no doorbell, so a good thing she did. I went down and he told me that a package had arrived for me at the post office. Soon after Esme went out to do some shopping and to pick up the package, which we both assumed to be more books.

When she came back it turned out we were right: six more books from my wish list; thanks to my Perl help in exchange for books service. Maybe some ideas for your own book wish list?

In the evening I again checked the terrarium of one scorpion, Vaejovis cf. punctatus, that had gone from view shortly after we arrived in our new house in Coatepec over a month ago. I suspected that it was gravid, and was gone from view to give birth. And when I accidentally moved a stone I had avoided to move the past week, it turned out that I was right; a much thinner adult scorpion ran away from under the stone, and I saw several tiny scorpions crawling around at the underside of the stone I just had lifted...

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