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Comments: Python: subprocess and pid-falls


Today I needed to be able to enter a description of an image in a Python program. I hadn't enough experience with PyQt: the Python bindings for Qt, yet; I had only browsed a few chapters in Mark Summerfield's excellent (so far) "Rapid GUI Programming with Python and Qt". I did, however, have quite some experience with WxPerl, the WxWidgets bindings for Perl. Moreover, I had been using wxPython in action by Noel Rappin and Robin Dunn - another excellent book in my opinion - as a great help while doing WxPerl coding...

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thank you, would've never managed it on my own :)

Posted by cico at 00:20 GMT on 23 November 2010

Thank you, this was exactly the information I needed!

Posted by Kay at 05:24 GMT on 8 January 2012

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